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SONY Partnered with a major Japanese ad agency in the rollout of Sony Xperia earbuds. Communicated directly with a European unit of Sony to produce headlines and copy as a member of a global writing and design team.

S&B Worked with a design firm on a major renewal of S&B’s global website. Produced landing page headlines and inside copy describing the history of the company and descriptions of items in S&B's extensive product lineup.


AHKAH Contracted directly with a design firm to produce concise, powerful headlines for the Ahkah luxury jewelry brand. Initial copy was written based on comps, then adjusted after the photography and layout were completed.

CANON Was lead copywriter at a design firm producing marketing and advertising content for Canon websites showcasing EOS professional and advanced amateur cameras. Key visuals were produced based on my headlines and inside copy.


NIKKEN Produced all content for the firm’s website portfolio. The monthslong assignment involved interfacing directly with Nikken architects and planners worldwide to convey the structural and aesthetic values of the firm’s projects.

PRINCE HOTELS Worked directly with Prince to create content for their snow resort website. Work entailed writing color copy for nine resorts and detailed descriptions of locales, as well as sourcing photos and other visuals.


NIKON Partnered with a major Japanese ad agency in the rollout of Nikon 1 digital cameras. Interfaced directly with Nikon engineers, designers and marketing staff to produce copy while the cameras were still under development.

SUMITOMO REALTY Spearheaded a website team to showcase Sumitomo’s luxury condos in Tokyo. Work entailed wireframe design and writing color copy, as well as detailed descriptions of locales and resource guides for expats.




Have a look at some of my copy. Raw, unadorned samples that show how you can use the power of words to connect with businesses and consumers.

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