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CHARLIE PARISEK COPYWRITING believes proper handling of personal information is a social obligation. In all my business dealings, I, Charlie Parisek, take the following measures to fulfill this responsibility:

  1. Limit the use of personal information
Acquisition and use of personal information is limited to what is legal and necessary to function as a business. Personal information will only be used for other purposes if I receive your consent beforehand.

  2. Adherence to privacy laws
Rules, regulations and norms defined by government and industry organizations regarding personal information is strictly adhered to.

  3. Secure management of personal information
I employ comprehensive measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information in my possession as well as to prevent leakage, loss, destruction or alteration of data.

  4. Prompt response to complaints
Upon request, I promptly respond to complaints regarding personal information and provide consultation.

  5. Periodic review and improvement of privacy procedures
To ensure proper protection of personal information, I periodically review and improve my personal information protection management system.

Please send inquiries about any specifics regarding my privacy policy to:

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